Race yourself…and win.


Don’t be Afraid

“Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.”

 ~Godfrey of Ibelin

 Kingdom of Heaven


That you are fair or wise is vain,

Or strong, or rich, or generous;

You must have also the untaught strain

That sheds beauty on the rose.

There is a melody born of melody,

Which melts the world into a sea:

Toil could never compass it;

Art its height could never hit;

It came never out of wit;

But a music music-born

Well may Jove and Juno scorn.

Thy beauty, if it lack the fire

Which drives me mad with sweet desire,

What boots it? what the soldier’s mail,

Unless he conquer and prevail?

What all the goods thy pride which lift,

If thou pine for another’s gift?

Alas! that one is born in blight,

Victim of perpetual slight:

When thou lookest on his face,

Thy heart saith, “Brother, go thy ways!

None shall ask thee what thou doest,

Or care a rush for what thou knowest,

Or listen when thou repliest,

Or remember where thou liest,

Or how thy supper is sodden;”

And another is born

To make the sun forgotten.

Surely he carries a talisman

Under his tongue;

Broad are his shoulders, and strong;

And his eye is scornful,

Threatening, and young.

I hold it of little matter

Whether your jewel be of pure water,

A rose diamond or a white,

But whether it dazzle me with light.

I care not how you are dressed,

In the coarsest or in the best;

Nor whether your name is base or brave;

Nor for the fashion of your behavior;

But whether you charm me,

Bid my bread feed and my fire warm me,

And dress up Nature in your favor.

One thing is forever good;

That one thing is Success, —

Dear to the Eumenides,

And to all the heavenly brood.

Who bides at home, nor looks abroad,

Carries the eagles, and masters the sword.


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Change Requires Changing HABITS

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I wanted to give you some quick tidbits from the HABITS podcast that I started.  Do you realize that most people never complete their New Year’s Eve resolutions?  Do you know at best, their fervor for the fever only lasts about a month and then they are back to the way they were until the following January 1st?   What prevents them from staying the course?  Willpower? Bad influences? Were they kidding themselves? Did the task they set before themselves seem too great?  Yes.  And no.  The truth is they were undone not by their lack of willpower or their social circle per se but by their habits.  Tendencies.  Idiosyncrasies layered upon layer after layer of years of decisions and perceptions shoved into neat psychological crevices. That are going nowhere.  You must ACT.  Accept Change Today.  Or keep breaking New Year’s Eve’s promises and live the life of average which really is…a nothing.

First you have to actually realize you need help.  You need a coach.  A trainer.  A leader.  Someone who can kick start you with accountability.  That’s not even close to where you can start until you first say these words without shame and in naked honest: “I need help.”  Say those words now. Say them again.  Once more.  Now believe them.

Your attitude has to change.  You have to be angry.  Not with your ex.  Not with a boss.  Not with your Dad.  Not with politicians and government.  Not with a religious belief.  Not even with prejudiced and sexist people you’ve met along the way.  No matter your circumstance, I guarantee you, someone would cut off an arm to be where you are today.  According to the WHO stats posted three years ago in the BBC mag, “…the world’s average salary is $1,480 (£928) a month, which is just less than $18,000 (£11,291) a year” after factoring out children around the world L Magazine (“Where are you on the global pay scale” by Ruth Alexander published BBC News Magazine, March 29 2012).  More shocking, according to the same article is that “more than a third of the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day.”  Gripe if you want, but you’re your own worst enemy or best ally.  Your attitude will decide which alter ego leads your life.

What perceptions have you accepted as beliefs?  Your beliefs about yourself based upon parental upbringing—or the lack thereof, religious upbringing, society, media, failed relationships, abusive exes (physical or psychological), health, or whatever are paramount in assessing for your growth.  Those perceptions become unbendable beliefs that will choke of signs of life rafts.

Are you investing your time in balance? Mind, body, soul/spirit? Your financial house?  A house that’s lacking in balance cannot stand and is doomed to keep needing work.  If you are so spiritual you are no earthly good, as the saying goes, you’ve allowed the dogma of rules of religion vs the moral intent to guide your judgement. Plus it makes you look loony vs esoteric.

How are you managing your time?  If you live for 70 years and you’re 30 years old, you have 40 years left.  Maybe half of that if you’re not living a balanced, healthy life.  20 years equates to 7,305 days, 175,320 hours.  If you sleep and work 2/3 of that on average, that means you have 58,440 hours or roughly 2,435 days or 6.67 years of active time aside from work to impact your total life.  That’s less than 7 active years until 50 if you don’t adjust your health.  Time is the only thing that is nonnegotiable.  You cannot re-up on it.  You cannot bribe G-d, Mother Nature, the Universe, or whatever you believe in.

Self. It’s okay to be a little selfish.  Make time to reassess self. Then take that time.  Whether it’s reading 20-30 minutes and exercising/walking for 20-30 minutes, prayer, meditation, or a power nap.  Every day, take time for you.  If you smoke (well…see Investing in Balance above), those 10 minutes you should spend listening to an audiobook, reading, meditating, saying a quick prayer, or listening to something relaxing.

HABITS.  Help, Attitude, Belief, Investment, and Self.  These pinnacles of needed mind transformation are your secret sauces to success.  Until you change your total mind by altering self- defeating and destructive habits, your life will go nowhere at no time.  Each passing year your condition will worsen.  Your beliefs will cement into stone and then steel with older age.  How do you make steel or cement return to a workable form?  Fire.  Heat.  Painful, rock bottom divorce, prison, lost job, law suit, physical altercation, bankruptcy, accident, injury, or relapse.

Don’t wait for another year to pass. Or another day.  Get the gym pass.  Get the second opinion.  Pack your bags and leave that abusive person.  Book that dream vacation.  Have that child.  Visit that broken relationship.  Above all, learn the art of forgiveness.  Forgiveness, which to me is akin to love, will help you.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean vacation where you’re. More often it means vacating where you’ve been.  Change can be scary but the serenity it brings may be more blissful than you ever imagined.  So A.C.T.  Accept Change Today and do what Nike’s theme tells you…Don’t know?  Go Google © it.



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Mastering the System 


Systems are immutable because they are governed by set laws and principles at their foundation.  The observation of failure or success is akin to observing kryos within Kronos.  One is measurable because it is easily observed but THAT is an instantaneously observed point versus the completeness and totality of the system.  There is a seldom observed counterbalance that uses the point of chaos or nirvana to move it back into order.  What is order? The harmonious intent of the system operating fluidly.  It is agnostic to emotions, events, or personal desires.  It just…is.  
The ecosphere, economy, democracy, or any human observed (operative word here is observed) system is a series of events marshaled against chaos and order and counterveyed at micro levels, devoid of human observation.  We measure order or chaos only when they are strong enough in causality to be noticed.  We passionately argue their validity foolishly because the juxtaposed opposite is coming.  Why? Balance.  Harmony.  One takes too much and someone else has less.  Over time, that lot is re-dispensated. Notice I didn’t say redistributed.  That’s a political misnomer and useless nomenclature.   The universe is void of bias aside from the resulting outcome.  The elements are designed to be at odds and unity at all times so that their motion, positive or negative creates energy.   Like any circuitous body of billions of tiny unobserved events, it can not be governed by a human snapshot. This is rudimentary “cement” in the foundation of any system. 

That being said, our energies should be dialed into not fixing the system but grasping the eb and flow.  To everything there is a time or season, as Solomon is credited as saying.  Master not the system.  Study the seasons.  Master your mind.  Govern your emotions.  Be prepared to know when to pull, push or let go.  You ARE a system.  The world is full of 7 billion systems colliding encased in ever changing two legged forms.  There’s beauty in those “systems” working and coming together and ugliness (war, procreation, sex, prejudice, murder etc).  Chaotic.  Enlightening.  At the same time.  

There is a system you can master and control on a majority level. The you system.  Manage habits, thoughts and principles and your stream of energy can be and will be unique and creative. Duplicative.  Other systems can observe the elements of your expansion and repeat and even collaborate. Connecting those two systems can bring balance to others and restore balance where chaos runs amuck.  Master the you system and no other system will seem unmanageable.   



We are all the sum of parts.  Learned.  Inherited.   Tried and Failed.  Those habits become whom we are.  How we love.  How we worship–or not.  How we…be.  As the bard said, “to be or not to be; that is the question.”  More of a statement than a query.  
How do we define HABITS is the fulcrum. The inflection blueprint to success or something worse.   I am working on a teaching series to address this observation.   Here’s a sneak peek:

Help–there is a problem; no more hiding or evading

Attitude–change your mind; you aren’t what you think per se but what you perceive [in your attitude]

Beliefs–what are you feeding mind

Investment–get your money attitude and aptitude retrained

Time–it is slipping into your future; don’t put things off

Self–how do YOU see yourself

All of this is the creation of habits.  

More to come…

Wait patiently. Plan inexhaustibly.

Good things do come to those who wait but those who plan and execute with precision and efficiency see the results faster.  Procrastination is a slow death to us all.  What do you have on your mind to do?  Do it. Today. Start the business.  Call that loved one.  Write that blog (self laughter).  Take a walk.  Work out.  Read that book.  Why wait?  Waiting is the best guarantee for sameness.  Boredom.  Fear.  It will feed the Fear slowly and before you know it, the weight of the wait will hamper so strongly, you will do nothing.  Be less.  Be bitter.  Do not put off today what you can do today.  Plan.  Execute.