Race yourself…and win.

Mastering the System 


Systems are immutable because they are governed by set laws and principles at their foundation.  The observation of failure or success is akin to observing kryos within Kronos.  One is measurable because it is easily observed but THAT is an instantaneously observed point versus the completeness and totality of the system.  There is a seldom observed counterbalance that uses the point of chaos or nirvana to move it back into order.  What is order? The harmonious intent of the system operating fluidly.  It is agnostic to emotions, events, or personal desires.  It just…is.  
The ecosphere, economy, democracy, or any human observed (operative word here is observed) system is a series of events marshaled against chaos and order and counterveyed at micro levels, devoid of human observation.  We measure order or chaos only when they are strong enough in causality to be noticed.  We passionately argue their validity foolishly because the juxtaposed opposite is coming.  Why? Balance.  Harmony.  One takes too much and someone else has less.  Over time, that lot is re-dispensated. Notice I didn’t say redistributed.  That’s a political misnomer and useless nomenclature.   The universe is void of bias aside from the resulting outcome.  The elements are designed to be at odds and unity at all times so that their motion, positive or negative creates energy.   Like any circuitous body of billions of tiny unobserved events, it can not be governed by a human snapshot. This is rudimentary “cement” in the foundation of any system. 

That being said, our energies should be dialed into not fixing the system but grasping the eb and flow.  To everything there is a time or season, as Solomon is credited as saying.  Master not the system.  Study the seasons.  Master your mind.  Govern your emotions.  Be prepared to know when to pull, push or let go.  You ARE a system.  The world is full of 7 billion systems colliding encased in ever changing two legged forms.  There’s beauty in those “systems” working and coming together and ugliness (war, procreation, sex, prejudice, murder etc).  Chaotic.  Enlightening.  At the same time.  

There is a system you can master and control on a majority level. The you system.  Manage habits, thoughts and principles and your stream of energy can be and will be unique and creative. Duplicative.  Other systems can observe the elements of your expansion and repeat and even collaborate. Connecting those two systems can bring balance to others and restore balance where chaos runs amuck.  Master the you system and no other system will seem unmanageable.   



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